Books Books Everywhere, But Not A Word To Read

Sunday, January 10, 2010

On my desk, I have a a row of about 40 books. All rather different: Business, Parenting, Writing, Religion, Finance, and How Tos. Did you catch that? All different kinds except a fiction book. I used to be able to spend the whole day just locked up in my room reading, book after book. Now it seems like the only books I open are "How To Stop Your Screaming Toddler", or "Becoming a Millionaire God's Way." Yes, that is indeed an actual book. That I own.

I know my time is limited know between working and chasing after Truly all day long, but I know I have time to read a book. I good probably steal a couple of hours in the day to catch up on my reading if I cut out some social networking, eating, napping, and the occasional flipping of the channels. I mean, I really miss the days of getting so caught up in a character's life, crying with every heartbreaking moment, busting out of my seams at every fall, it's really quite amazing the effect that a couple of words and pages can do for your psyche.

So let's have it, read any good books lately?


  1. Well, when you have a full time job and kid, sometimes watching TV is hard to do! I tend to read non-fiction more than fictinal story. The latest book I've read is Where Men Win Glory - it's about Pat Tilman... It was a great stroy of bravely!

    Thanks so much for stopping by - stay in touch:)

  2. Since my blog is new I've been hitting up the new library in my neighborhood for blogging books. I'm just starting Blogging with Moxie, seems good so far.
    Dave Ramsey (I LOVE that guy) says the smartest people people read one non-fiction book a month, so that is my goal this year. I figure he's done something right so I listen to his advice! It sounds like you're well on track!

  3. If you're at all interested in Tudor history, I highly recommend pretty much anything by Phillipa Gregory. The Tudor books are based on history so you don't feel as guilty reading it (even though it's a tad bit salacious.) She has some other "pure fiction" which is equally captivating "cant put down" reading.

    And then there's always the Twilight series... :-)