Super Busy

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

So I've been super busy lately. You'll catch on that I like to use the word super as an adjective when things get out of hand in my life. I havn't been busy, I've been super busy. I started my training for my new job at home, and it's from 9 to 5. Granted we do have a lot of breaks to get training done on our own, but Truly is flipping out when I tell her I can't leave my computer. I wasn't expecting that. I guess she has taken a liking to me over Dora. Even though I should be ecstatic that I am finally being chosen over the Disney Channel, I'm super frustrated that her unwillingness to part from me comes at a time where I am trying to work. So here I am with my headset, totting my laptop from room to room with her trying to figure out what she wants.

"Put on Barbie" She says.
"Make me eggs" She cries,
"Dance with me" She squels,
"Clean up my toys" She yells,
Yes she just yelled at me to clean up her toys.
"Find my brush" She beckons,
"Mommy!!!!" She screams,
"I love you" She smiles.

Oh boy....... This will be a long, super, ordeal working from home. Excuse me while I go off and find a nice playgroup for her ...


  1. Oh How I think I need your help. My blog needs some pizazz and I don't have much money. What can we talk about?

  2. stopping by from SITS, i enjoyed reading your blog.

  3. Aw, she sounds so cute. Mine just took off for the university today...sob...time goes fast. Enjoy, but give yourself some time too. Love your blog.

  4. I have always admired anyone who can work from home and be productive. Your daughter sounds like a cutie.

  5. Ok, just saw that your expecting your 2nd in May. I'm expecting our 3rd in May! COngrats!