6 Months Down, 3 To Go

This morning I had another monthly check up for baby Sophia, Waverly, Zara. Ok, so I"m still deciding on names, and this decision isn't going well. I mean my daughter's name is Truly, I can't just give my second daughter a regular name like Sarah, or Heather (those are great names though!) but whenever someone hears the name "Truly", they say things like "How unique!, How Beautiful, or That's Lovely", and then I'll introduce my other daughter, Sarah, and people will just say ... "nice." It's not that I don't like those names, I do, it's just I've already set up Truly with this awesomely, unique name, I have to do the same with the next one, or else I'll be getting in trouble with my new daughter for the rest of my life.....

But besides name problems, everything else is peachy keen. Due date is still May 28, and baby's heartbeat is sounding well. Besides the kicking and constant somersaulting, I think this will be ok...

Keep your fingers crossed, and baby girl names coming!


  1. How about any one of these.....
    Hope, Faith, Grace.

    What I wanted to write was 'Scrumptious'... from the movie Chitty Chitty bang bang,,, but that would just be silly and not kind!:)

  2. Haha, that's exactly where I got Truly's name from. I was convinced not to make her middle name Scrumptious, but I was pretty darn close!

    Grace is my mother's name and I think it's very beautiful.

    Thanks for commenting!