Free E-Book Giveaway

So there are a lot of really cool things going on here on my blog, and I want to fill you in on everything I have planned.

You can look forward to:
  • Ask Stepfanie Sundays: Have a dilemma going on? Need Advice about something? Or maybe just a second opinion? Submit your questions and situations to me and not only will you get my advice, but the advice from the whole blogosphere. Anonymous of course.
  • Big Giveaways: Packages, Tickets, Vacations, Do I really need to explain this?
  • Weekly Interviews: Interviews with other bloggers, business owners, and interesting people coming your way!
  • Upcoming E-Book (s): I've been doing a lot of writing lately, and blog followers and subscribers will be the first to know and the first to have access to all of them. Whether your a blogger, young mother, writer, entrepreneur, student, there will be something for you!
And the one to look forward to right NOW, a free e-book just for you!:
Short & Sweet Guide to Free Marketing for Mommy Bloggers

This book isn't just for bloggers who are moms, it's pretty much just for any blogger, and it really isn't a "book", more like a pamphlet. Ok Ok, a little misleading, but the title still sounds cool! Anywho, it's just filled with some short tips about how to market your blog and how to gain more followers and subscribers, in a short, sweet, and free way. Hence the title. :-)

This is just a little excerpt from the upcoming book Complete Guide to Mommy Blogging, so enjoy this one!

Also notice, I am now offering sponsorship on my blog to the right. If your interesting about advertising, feel free to contact me on my Contact Me page.

So how to get the book? Easy as delicious pie! You must do these 2 things:

  • Leave a comment including your e-mail address (if you don't want your e-mail public, feel free to send me a message on my Contact page instead) and you'll get it e-mailed to you pronto!
  • Also, be sure to Follow or Subscribe to this blog. If your already following or subscribed, obviously you are cordially exempt (and appreciated) from this part. :-)
That's all! This book is yours if you do both, not just one, both! I mean it's FREE!

*If you would like to contribute the upcoming book and feel like you are very knowledgeable about Mommy Blogging or would like to add your links to the credits, feel free to Contact Me*

Stay tuned.... Awesome things are coming!


  1. How fun! I just sent you my e-mail address and am now subscribed! Thanks for the fun giveaway and I can't wait to start reading your blog!

  2. Thanks!

  3. Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest! First time I've popped over here and I must say, you are one busy woman! And looks like you are doing it well! Great job with the e-book! I'll have to add you to my must check giveaway list. Have a great weekend!

  4. Great job over here! I look forward to your ebook. How fun! I will email you my contact info.

  5. Stopping by from SITS...what a great blog! I think the book sounds like something I'd love - so now I'm following you!

  6. Happy SITS Sharefest - following you and have sent you an email :)

  7. Hi: Just thought I would stop on by and am so glad I did. You have a wonderful blog. Thanks for sharing. Cheers, Lia

  8. I will email you for sure and I'm going to follow you now!

  9. Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest. Thanks for the great opportunity, I would love to get a copy, following :)

  10. I definitely want a copy! Thanks for stopping by my blog! Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest!

  11. Happy SITS sharefest!
    I would love a copy, I enjoy learning and new ideas :)

  12. How wonderful. I would love a copy ^_^.

    Great post!

  13. Hey SITStah! Would love to get that and am following! cdecesar3556 at gmail dot com.

    And in general, sounds like you have some fun things going on around the blog. I feel like I should get more organized that way as well vs. just posting (random) once a week.

  14. Hi! I am stopping by from Saturday SITS Sharefest. Have a great weekend and I plan on checking out that free e-book you are offering!

  15. I want the ebook, great idea! Thanks for sharing.
    Following you now!
    -Heather @

  16. Thanks so much for the Ebook, I LOVED it! It was very helpful. =]

  17. Would love to have the e-book! My email is I'm following you now! I appreciate you sharing!

    - Jennifer

  18. would love to have the ebook...
    following you ..... now. ;)

  19. Howdy SITStah :)

    Free Learning Stuff?
    Yes, Please!

    genageis AT Gmail DOT com

  20. Saw this post on Twitter. Awesome!

    amy AT originalcouponcoach DOT com

    Will also be subscribing via RSS.


  21. Hey Stepfanie. It's been a long time since we spoke. Still interested in a Passion Party? Congrats on the second baby. I would love a copy of your blogging book.
    I have a number in my phone that I think might be you, but I am not sure. 3 Stephanie's in my phone lol.

  22. You have a very busy schedule Congrats on the second baby.

    Looking forward to reading your e-book

  23. Can't wait to get it, looks great!!

  24. sorry, forgot...