Why I Just Can't Work @ My Desk

I see why desks work for some people. They hold their computers, papers, books, pens, bills, folders, and files. Desks also harbor pictures of loved ones, calendars and schedules, and the occasional bobblehead or two. I can see the "desk" being a vital piece of furniture to anyone who writes, works, or just like to stay organized.

Why I don't work at my desk:

1. The space. My desk is in Truly's room. There is no other place for it. One look at the crowded desk makes me unplug my charger and head towards the dining room table.

2. It's white. And smooth. Kind of like a "princess" desk. Even when I'm sitting at it, I can't take myself seriously.

3. I can't swivel my chair. I have an awesome little black chair that has the ability to swivel, if it had space. So going back to reason number one, I can't work at my desk because of the limited space. My chair is inbetween the desk and a file cabinet, along with computer bags and more files around.

4. Distraction with books. I have a long row of books that I've never finished reading, or never even opened. Everytime I take a seat, I'm reminded of my failures :-)

5. Truly's TV is 3 feet away. It's hard to get anything done, when your hearing Scooby Doo and the gang screaming Jinkies, accompanied by a 2 year old girl screaming "Mommy! Jinkies!"

Thank god for the laptop.


  1. I have a fairly nice home office at home but I still end up working at the kitchen counter. I guess we all have our favorite spaces. Whatever works!

  2. That's a comment spot for me as well! :-) Thanks for commenting