My first blog award

Ok, So I am super excited that I received my first blog award from Crista at The Domestic Goddess. It's nice because I am loving getting to read other people's blog and it makes me feel good that some people are actually liking my blog a little bit too. Ha-Ha.

I would like to give this award to:

Now I continue to accept my award with 10 honest things about myself. (Fuuunnnn rolling eyes. lol)

1. As much as I want to learn, I have no idea how to cook. I can follow a recipe, but after looking at it, it takes to long and I end up going out to eat because I'm starving and can't wait!

2. I feed Truly to much fast-food. It's true. But she always has juice or some other side, not fries. 

3. I know I am always late. I'm very sorry. My brain just hasn't (and I don't think it ever will) to the time on the clock.

4. I really hate those little leash things for toddlers. I know it may help some parents, but it looks like your walking a dog.

5. I'd be lost without my iphone. It has my schedule, appointments, calorie tracker, e-mails, all of Truly's movies.......I'd be lost. It's a shame.

6. I'm a singer. Which means I sing EVERYWHERE. In the car, at home, doing homework, at the doctor's office. My family is quite annoyed.

7. I don't like gold jewelry, which is quite ironic because my favorite ring is my first mothers day ring and its gold. But that's it.

8. I live in Texas and I love cowboys.

9. Mac over PC any and everyday

10. I have the tendency to give more attention to my daughter over my significant other, and he sometimes feels left out :-(

It's your turn ladies!

And Thanks Again!

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