Eating Healthy

Eating healthy has always been a challenge for me, and since I became a mother, it has only become more important, but still very difficult. I try my best to make sure Truly is eating healthy and I get a 50/50 success rate. If I can't make it work with Truly, it is near impossible to get me to eat healthy.

My daughter's favorite food consist of kettle corn popcorn, movie theater popcorn, Cars fruit snack, grapes, boiled eggs, and did I mention popcorn?

This makes my selection of cooking very difficult. And I don't even cook. So I am extremely, beyond, guilty of driving through Mcdonalds, Sonic, ChickfilA, whatever is closest, and getting food there for both me and her. 

At least with her meals, I'll get her the juice or milk, along with the fruit or macaroni and cheese side, and either a burger or the all white meat chicken. So a pretty decent meal right? With me on the other hand, I am tempted, and often do, get the bacon double cheeseburger, the large drink and large fries. I can't help it. I mean I'm there, why not order what I really want.

And this is my thinking. I guess it has been passed down to me from my mother. "If your there, order what you really want." Oh boy. The problem here is that my thighs and hips do not agree with what my stomach really wants. But who listens to them anyway?

So my new venture? Grab a couple of healthy cookbooks and healty children's cookbooks and figure out how to cook. Oh and stay away from the car during lunch time, those drive thru's are super tempting.

How do you handle healthy eating and cooking with you and your children?

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