M.I.B.A. - Missing In Blogging Action

Did I forget that I had a blog? Of course not. I love blogging. I've met a lot of beautiful ladies and mothers and could never forget my fellow bloggers. Of course though the term "mommy blogger" comes with the term "mommy" and being a mommy means that there are those times every now and then when life completly consumes you and you seem to neglect certain things that you cherish, i.e. my beautiful blog.

Stepfanie my dear, where you been?
  • Truly's birthday is this month, and I've always been brought up having extravagant birthday parties, so I've been totally trying to set up moonbounces, popcorn machines, petting zoos, and whatever else you would find at a spoiled brat's 2 year birthday party.

  • School. Ah yes, when I am not doing schoolwork. I've had essays and quizzes and tests up the butt for the past 2 weeks.

  • Writing. I've been reading a couple of books called Writing Motherhood and Writer Mama, and have really enjoyed trying to practice my writing skills. I've been also trying to find some writing gigs, and so far, I landed one as finance writer at Twenties Money Mag. But I'm still looking for more writing gigs so if you need a good writer, let me know!!

  • I've also been to out local library and checked out every single book about getting my finances in order. I'm not too bad with money, sure I go a little crazy at the mall every now and then, but's that's like therapy right? I'm just trying to make sure I am completly out of debt before I am done with school.

  • I've been trying to get into shape. Hence the word trying. We are going to Las Vegas for my 21st birthday this summer and I am determined to feel sexy and confident in a swimsuit. So I've been trying.

So after a week or so drowning in reality, I know I can always find myself here again with all my fellow bloggers, writing about life, parenting, and losing our minds.

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  1. Hey! Thanks for stopping by my blog!! I was an English major, I loved it. :) Your girl is too cute!! :)