Not an efficient week

What do I have trouble doing lately? Yet, again, Time Management. Even now as I continue to blog about my never ending to-do list, I have an un-done 12 page essay due on Monday by midnight. Sure, I've had all week to work on it, and sure many opportunities, but between working, working on my other classes, potty training Truly, I have yet to find the time (or energy) to get started.

Thankfully I am a fast and efficient writer. Problem is, I haven't read the material the essay should be based on. Quite frankly, the thought of those 12 pages are very terrifying.

So how does one very cool mom balance a 12 page essay in 2 days and potty training a very resistant 2 year old all in the same week? Staying up til 3 in the morning and going through many, many, training pants.

Oh this shall be a very fun weekend.

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