Missing my Pre-Mama days

Ok I’ll admit it. There are days when I’m watching a movie about a young girl in New York City, and I begin to miss my pre-Mama days, that is, my life before I had my daughter. I could go wherever I wanted, when I wanted, and stay there as long as I wanted. I could go to a restaurant and have a decent conversation with somebody without having to worry about looking for the wipes to clean dirty hands. I miss sleeping in until noon and spending 30 minutes in the shower. I miss the clothes, oh the clothes, that were oh so expensive but oh so stylish. When my friends would call, I would be there in less than 5 minutes, ready to rock and roll, and tear up the town. Ah yes, those were the good old days right? Right? Sort of.

Now as a mom, the things I want to do chase after my baby. The places I want to go is to story time at the library. My “when” I want, revolves around my child’s schedule, and that’s perfect, because I still get my me time at the end of the day. Eating at restaurants has even become more enjoyable, instead of deep conversations, we laugh and giggle at the macaroni stuck on the waiter’s back because my child flung her food at him when he turned around. I love waking up to my daughter’s voice, no matter what time of day it is and I’ve saved more money with the quickie showers. Those stylish and expensive clothes? I just buy less now, and more stylish and expensive clothes for my child. Friends calling? Not anymore, but when I hear “Ouch I got a boo boo” I’ll be there faster than you can say “Dora band-aid, or Pooh bear band aid?”

Fact of the matter is, I don’t miss my pre-Mama days. Anyone can be a young single girl, but it takes a real special woman to be called Mama.


  1. Visiting from SITS. What a cute little girl you have!

  2. Amazing how much having a child changes you! Hey, I tagged you over on my blog :)