What to do when baby takes a nap?

Since I no longer have a baby, (my daughter will be 2 next month, making her a toddler ...boo hoo), I guess for me, this is what to do when your toddler sleeps. Shortly after my daughter was born, probably the day I brought her home, I quickly learned to take advantage of those naps. The second her eyes are closed, I am all over the house:

  • Cleaning

  • Cooking

  • Eating

  • Doing Classwork

  • Checking Finances

  • Doing my nails

  • Taking a shower

Anything that I can squeeze into those short 2 hours, you will see me doing. Sometimes though I'll just browse on the Internet for those 2 hours, either blogging, or researching stuff on writing, or checking out the latest celebrity gossip. Oh I love doing that! Even though I do feel like it is extremely important to take advantage of those nap time hours, sometimes you just need to...well nap with them.

Oh boy, I hear the pitter patter of little feet upstairs. Looks like my 2 hours are over.

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